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About Us

Designing and building a timberframe, log or SIP home takes special materials and skills not seen in traditional construction. Living in one of these homes is a special experience since they are as unique as the owners that build them. With our design, engineering and understanding of the materials used, we are uniquely equipped to help the designer, builder and owner with the finest home possible.

We have been sawing, designing and building timber systems for 28 years and working from our own office for 25 years. In fact, we introduced SIP enclosures. As an early adopter of CNC manufacturing technology from Europe, we were the first to build a state-of-the-art CAD-CAM timber manufacturing operation. We can design, engineer and manufacture everything from a magnificent church to a simple cabin getaway.

We have taken our experience and have created AIA continuing education programs to help Architects and builders build better structures. One class that takes a Green approach is called "Optimizing the load barring capacity of SIP’s and Timbers to create beautiful structures". Other classes on fasting systems, laminated timbers and designing for computer aided manufacturing.

Our approach is all-encompassing. We take care of the builder. You may want quality-surfaced timbers and have the skills to do layout and cut the timbers yourself. Or you may want us to help in the design process with the architect to create 3-D drawings to work through connection details helping to ensure a fast onsite raising of the system. Or your project may fit somewhere between these two options. Send us your plans and let’s talk about the options. We look forward to building with you.

Brian Mueller