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Systems Building Supply
Specializing in Timberframe, SIP, Modular and log building materials.


System Building Supply are experts at coordinating the design and building processes from conception through a stamped set of engineered
drawings and beyond.

Let us usher you into the modern era of timber design and production.
Brian Mueller is a leading innovator in CAD-CAM and CNC technology
and wants to help you benefit from his experience in all aspects of the
timber frame and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) manufacturing
process. Modern state-of-the-art cutting machines and new structural
fastening systems, along with the impressive free-span capabilities
of SIPs, allow for incredible new design flexibility. We’ll show you
how to take advantage of this process in your next project.

Here’s some of what we can do for you:


PHASE I: Developing timber design, engineering the timber system and generating stamped drawings - four steps:

STEP 1 - You send us an electronic copy of the floor plan. We explore the
design goals: What grade of timber is your client looking for, from clear fine
grain to rough sawn or antique? What is the insulation system, SIPs or other
rigid foam? What about fire suppression? Where are the electrical chases?
From this information our production designer will generate an email-able
3-D electronic model that can be zoomed in and out and rotated. The cost
for this is $75/hr and can be done in as little as four hours. You will shorten
your design time and insure the system will work structurally and within
budget. The client will save our fee many times over with our
comprehensive value engineered approach to total building design.

STEP 2 - We refine the drawings from Step 1 and submit them to the
engineer for timber sizing and connection details. Finally we resubmit
drawings to the architect for approval.

STEP 3 - We generate final construction drawings.We support you with
connection details for timbers, construction details for timber interface
with conventional stud wall and truss systems, and details for fastening to
the foundation. We can also supply SIP drawings and CNC code for pre-cut
panels up to 8’x24’.

Option 1 (The old way):
We can either give you a timber tally and screws
now and you can pull all the measurements and make the rest of the determinations. Your craftsmen can do manufacturing on site. We can
help you assess the skill level of your crew to determine their capability.

Option 2 (The new way): We can generate a BVN file from the design
(the cutting code for the CNC machine) and put your job out for competitive
bid to a computer aided manufacturing facility.

PHASE II: Manufacturing, delivery and installation:

STEP 1 - We put your project through the bidding process and select a manufacturer.
STEP 2 - We oversee the manufacturing, insuring that all specifications are met. The finished product is ready for delivery.
STEP 3 - We arrange delivery to site and optional supervision of installation.

Systems Building Supply brings a 'system-built' approach to home building saving you time and money,while delivering the finest craftmanship and material available. We know the business and we want to offer our experience to aid you in selling your design services in today's competitive market.

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