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Computer Aided Manufacturing

A CAM system seeks to control the production process through varying degrees of automation. Because each of the many manufacturing processes in a CAM system is computer controlled, a high level of precision can be accomplished that is not conceivable with any other method. This results in less waste and cost savings for you.

Computer Aided Manufacturing is generally linked to Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems. The resulting integrated CAD/CAM system then takes the computer-generated design, and flows it directly into the manufacturing system; the design is then changed into multiple computer-controlled processes, such as drilling or turning.

Another advantage of Computer Aided Manufacturing is that it can be used to facilitate mass customization. Creating modest batches of products that are custom configured to suit each particular client. Without CAM, and the CAD process that precedes it, customization would be a time-consuming, manual and costly process.

CAD software also allows for easy customization and speedy design changes.The automatic commands of the CAM system make it possible to adjust the machinery for each different clent's purchase order.

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