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Systems Building Supply stocks only the finest quaility fastners.
We stock ASSY and Blue Ox Fasteners.

ASSY® wood screws are made with a high-tech asymmetrical thread design. The new design combines all the advantages of Phillips, Torx®, Pozi and square drive bits. Bits self-center in the screw head, enabling accurate screw placement. The No-Come-Out design prevents screw head damage.

ASSY - What This Means For You
The best torque transfer due to the number of contact points.
Easy insertion AND extraction.
Easy driving into tough material.
Accurate screw placement.

Tne Blue Ox Reputation For Quality Is Enhanced Because:
Blue Ox design counter-sinks easier allowing logs to settle naturally.Strict control of the heat process allows steel to achieve optimum strength characteristics.Additional threading enhances pull out values exceeding most competitive products by 20% and increase strip out resistance.

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