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MossCreek: When Ordinary Isn’t Good Enough
A Distinguished Systems Building Supply Partner

Allen Halcomb doesn’t practice general architecture; his entire business is built around the art of crafting unique designs that become well-loved homes.

Allen and his team of five design professionals have created a portfolio of homes that embody the Systems Building Supply's mission to present homeowners with homes that organically meld the essentials of luxury with the elements of nature.

Because of their specialization in timber and log home design, Halcomb and his design team are able to seamlessly incorporate the historical material to create modern living spaces. The MossCreek homes in our Portfolio have been created to live harmoniously with the beautiful landscape, and they were drawn up with your specific home sites in mind.

MossCreek designs are timeless in charm, and their approach, like that of Systems Building Supply, incorporates the family feel of yesteryear with advanced modern technology to provide clients with a personable, highly responsive design team. If you do not see a MossCreek home in the Systems Building Supply Portfolio that suits your needs, please let us know.

Custom Design Services are available.
The Custom process begins with an on-site review during which Holcomb and his associates walk your lot to get a feel for the land. This option may be especially suitable for clients who are approaching Systems Building Supply with an existing home site that has substantial geographic character in the form of boulders or a steep incline.

Whether you choose a home from our portfolio, or a custom design plan created for your property, you will undoubtedly be enchanted with your MossCreek home design. Systems Building Supply is honored to have MossCreek as its distinguished Design Partner. As a homeowner, you’ll undoubtedly feel honored to live in the refined natural beauty of a MossCreek home.


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