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Foam Insulation 

EPS Foam Nail Based Insulation

Rigid foam board insulation is a popular mass insulation product used to insulate all parts of homes, metal buildings and commercial buildings against the movement of conductive and convective heat transfer. A high insulating value for relatively little thickness makes rigid foam ideal for insulating roofs and exterior walls. Rigid insulation also substitutes well for other forms of insulation like fiberglass blankets and loose-fill cellulose in attics and floors. The water resistant nature of foam makes it well suited for use under slabs and in the ground around foundation walls.

Benefits of Using Rigid Foam Board Insulation

Density - Density provides high R-value with minimum thickness making rigid insulation more resistant to air and water vapor movement.

High compressive strength - rigid insulation provides a solid structure under the roof deck that can withstand the weight of both equipment and light foot traffic.
Low weight makes rigid insulation boards easy to install and less expensive to ship.
Resists outside air infiltration when joints are sealed with tape or caulk. New products are made without ozone depleting chemicals for an earth friendly product. Can be installed with full coverage over studs instead of just between them to eliminate the heat loss path through framing members.

Non-hazardous installs
- no fibers or fumes to inhale, non-irritating to skin.
No deterioration of R-value over time - rigid insulation does not lose R-Value over its service life.

- A manufacturing study showed that the energy required producing polystyrene foam insulation is 24 percent less than the energy required to make the equivalent R-value of fiberglass insulation. Rigid insulation "breathes" instead of trapping moisture like fiberglass or cellulose and therefore does not require the venting methods used for other insulation materials to prevent trapped moisture within walls, ceilings and roofs.

Highly resistant to mold.
Not a food for insects.
Good acoustical insulation properties.
Can be used in structural insulated panels or for insulating concrete forms.

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Foam Insulation