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A well-dried log is best to minimize shrinking and give you the best finish inside and out. Our log systems are milled to precision allowing for both foam tape sealant and caulk sealant. This method joins the logs as one to eliminate possible air movement and give you a tight, long lasting connection. We recommend Eastern White Pine, a very stable light colored wood, for our east coast customers. It is easy to work with for the builder and lighter in weight to save energy. For our Rocky Mountain and west coast customers, Hemlock, Pine and Spruce make for a great log home. If the budget allows Cedar is also an excellent choice.

Our logs are sold three ways.

Milled log only- All cutting is done on site. Most of our customers use an easy-to-do butt and pass corner. Window and door openings and all electrical outlets are cut by the builder and their team.

Pre-cut corners- Based on your design, we cut the dove tail or saddle notch on the outside and inside corners of your home. The builder is responsible for all other cutting on site. The dove tail and saddle notch corners are the best for shedding water and locking your logs together.

Total pre-cut logs- After we help you perfect your design, our CAD-CAM designer will locate your light switches and receptacles and have them pre-mortised out. All your fasteners holes are drilled and your window and door openings are ready to receive the jams. This is the easiest and fastest way to build a log home. With this system clients will buy pre-cut timber floor and roof systems. The benefit to you with this option is a skilled builder in your community can build this system quickly with their crew.

With any of our systems we can also include trusses for the roof and timber floor system.

Let us help you match a log home system to your budget. Send us your plan and we will help you estimate the materials you need and help you select the right materials on our site. If you do not have a plan yet, our designer help you with the first step of getting your thoughts on paper. From here we can budget and you can get estimates from the trades people in your community. We will help you all along the way.


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