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Production Design Services

Production designers roles start once spatial area is decided. The first stage of the production design is called concept drawings we take the file of the architectural design plan and convert them into a 3-dimensional model calling out the specifications of the timber, SIP or Log details. Production designers are responsible for integrating the vision of the client and architectural designer into efficient construction drawings and code for the precision computer-driven cutting services.

 Concept drawings provide a great deal of information and allow an estimation of costs of your building project. The second stage is the production drawings they are more detailed and reflect a certified engineers calculations they include the shop drawings and field requirements. Having the completed production drawings we can give a guaranteed quote. After the production drawings are completed it is a short step to generate the code for precision manufacturing. Most concept drawings cost between $500 and $1000, and with these drawings, we can estimate the engineering and development cost of the production drawings.

Systems Building Supply boasts the best production designers for whatever level of design you desire. By having experts that understanding the load capacity of our materials, our production designers help you avoid repeated adjustments by architects, engineers and builders through the building process. Not only is this cost efficient but also resource efficient.

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