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White Pine Timbers

White Pine has a storied and glorious past. Its has been used extensively for all kinds of building exteriors because of its strength and fine working qualities.

White Pine is a very stable wood. It has a good straight grain, can be easily stained, planes well, and is a great wood for hand hewing. Because it is less expensive than douglas fir, it is often used for residential timber frames. It is similar in color to hemlock.A pale yellow color with occasional reddish streaks.

White Pine is not as strong as hemlock or fir, so it is not a good wood when long spans are required or when smaller beams are desired.

Timber is a natural product so natural variations in grain, color are to be expected. Knots of various sizes are also to be expected.   

White Pine Rough Sawn Timbers              White Pine S4S Timbers